About Us

Anna Fox Fox Card Co

Anna Fox has been drawing since she was big enough to hold a crayon. At age 4 she entered a pumpkin coloring contest from a local costume shop in St. Louis, MO. She won a $10 gift card and spent her prize money on a cool looking costume wig that unfortunately caused her head to itch. She decided wigs weren't her thing, but making art surely was! After high school she studied graphic design in college, but found herself working in various retail shops for the next 10-ish years. While merchandising pretty items in these shops, she dreamed that one day some items with her art on them would be sold in stores too.

Throughout these retail years she took a few courses online to develop her illustration skills and sketched and doodled and practiced a ton to make her artistic abilities grow stronger.

In 2017 after almost 10 years in retail, she was hired as a full time graphic artist at Betallic, a balloon company in St. Louis, MO. This position became monumental in her development as a graphic artist and hand letterer.

In 2020 when the world shut down, she found herself with quite a bit of free time and set of goal of creating 25 cards in 30 days. After the 30 days she picked 6 designs, found a printer and figured out to set up a simple online shop. She posted a video about it and was thrilled with the outpouring of support from her Facebook friends and family. She then decided to add her products to Etsy at Foxcardco.etsy.com and in 2022 set up a Shopify site which is what you are looking at today! 

In 2022 she moved to Denver, CO with her husband and their sweet spoiled dog, Mr. B. All the cards are locally printed and are shipped from Denver. 

Fox Card Co is now in over 20 retail shops throughout the US and Canada and has over 100 items for sale that feature vibrant, cheerful and heartfelt artwork made by Anna. She still creates balloon designs for Betallic and you may even see her designs floating in your local grocery or party supply store. She loves helping others spread love with her art and she is thrilled that you are here visiting her greeting card shop. It's because of people like you that her dreams are coming true.